The FAQ Edition

The number one question we get asked at the market is "Do you have a store in town?" So I'd like to share some thoughts on this topic by going back to the basics.  There are a great number of things to be learned from baking breads with a sourdough culture:

  • The first is that natural leavening undeniably has a mind of its own, so tending to its temperament can be a challenge at times. The only thing a baker can do is prepare and ensure an environment where it can flourish.
  • Proper timing and temperature are essential ingredients to a successful loaf. There is no rushing the process and the ability to go with the flow is key.
  • Finally, what distinguishes artisan breads from others is its high hydration point which can sometimes feel like trying to form a tight ball out of pudding. For this dough to become a beautifully shaped mass you have to build strength through gentleness – and this happens over time with light, repetitious, and careful handling.

These lessons, I think, are analogous to how things can go with life, love, and work. We are taking small steps, treading gently, and carefully exploring the environment in which Crust & Crumbles can flourish. Hopefully when the time is right, the answer to that question will be a resounding “Yes!”

The second most asked question is "Do you have any of the olive breads left?" This one is definitely becoming a popular item on the menu and each week we try to bake more of it so there is enough to go around. Along with it, I’m excited to bring our Sesame loaf as this Fridays’s special. We toss in toasted tuxedo seeds and lace the dough with a touch of sesame oil to really create a burst of flavor. I have quite the weakness for sesame bagels smeared with cream cheese, so making this bread was a must! Whether you eat it with sweet or savory toppings, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.