"In teaching others, we teach ourselves"

Boy, was it a hot one last week...climbing temperatures, excess humidity, and the downtown power outage from Tuesday night's storm certainly made for some tough bake days. Despite best efforts to control what was within our ability, it was heart-wrenching to watch 40+ loaves-worth of dough be dumped into the garbage. They were heat-stricken into an overproofed puddle of mush and there was no saving it. This is a big reason why I shy away from taking pre-orders for the market because with such an element of unpredictability, I don't want to take the chance of disappointing anyone.

There wouldn't be highs without the lows though. The best part of my week was the time spent with Leyla, my sweet 13-year old apprentice, who joined us for a few days to learn the art of baking bread. The energy and enthusiasm she brought into the kitchen was so refreshing - it reminded me that there's much joy to be found in the process and not just the outcome. The experience taught me in return just as much as I attempted to teach her. It helped me envision incorporating artisan bread baking workshops into the Crust & Crumbles concept down the road because what is love if it is not shared.

Speaking of love, we were so appreciative of the folks at 13 WREX for showing us some during their live cast from the market. For a micro-bakery like ours, support like that means a great deal!

This Friday, we will be bringing all the same breads in an attempt to make up for last week. Expect to see Organic Country White sourdough, Baker & Brewer, Sesame Seed, Olive & Three Cheese Semolina as well as a few Walnut & Fig loaves on the menu.