Rock the Market!

Last week was one of our best market days yet! We sold out of breads in record time and I just want to say that our whole C&C team is extremely grateful for the continued patronage and support of the community.

We also got the opportunity to break bread with new friends over at Artale Wine Co.'s Summer Wine Tasting event on Saturday and got to sample delicious cheeses as well as some exceptional wines. Another high point of the weekend was being requested to bake for an intimate wedding party. Extravagant cakes and scrumptious desserts are things associated with such celebrations, so the fact that good ol' bread was sought out for this occasion made me really happy.

This Friday, July 1st, is Rock the Market night down at the City Market and hours are extended till 10pm. There will be cooking demos, several musical performances, a photo booth and so much more to help you start off your holiday weekend right. To prepare for this night, we are all hands on deck at the kitchen this week. The Drunken Hog loaf will make its debut - chunks of bourbon candied bacon fermented slowly in pillowy dough made with a balance of white wheat, whole wheat and rye flours.

Also, I was really excited to secure several pounds of locally grown, organic garlic scapes from a fellow vendor who just harvested them last week. These are certainly darlings of the foodie world right now as they are perfectly in season and at the height of their flavor. The thin, curly, vibrantly green stalks grow from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants. We will have about a dozen loaves made with these beauties on hand in addition to our Organic Country White sourdoughs, Olive & Three Cheese Semolina, Baker & Brewer, and Walnut & Black Mission Fig breads.