The End of Summer

Our final market day has arrived. It feels as if the last ten weeks have gone by faster than the blink of an eye. We worked hard, had a lot of fun, and got to share our passion for good bread with a whole lot of folks. The second half of the Rockford City Market goes on until September 30, 2016, so make sure to come visit the other vendors and enjoy everything else that the market has to offer!

We have an exciting menu planned for tomorrow. An assortment of naturally leavened focaccias, pictured above, will be available in limited quantities - with campari tomatoes on vine, red onion spirals drizzled with balsamic glaze, as well as lemon slices with crushed peppercorn and rosemary sprigs. The focaccia's crumb is tender and mild tasting due to the fact that the beautiful adornments are baked in atop the crust rather than mixed into the dough. The bread can be paired and eaten with anything this way rather than being strong-flavored on its own.

I (almost) always keep my promises - and so I bring you the Basil Pesto loaf again, this time with our house-made pesto. I want to thank fellow sourdough enthusiast Steve and his wife Lisa of Runner's Image downtown who shared basil from their beautiful Haight Village garden. Also, Andrew of Forest City Farm who helped us complete the sheer amount of basil we needed to make these breads happen. The pesto was made on each day the basil leaves were harvested, so it doesn't really get any fresher than that!

For our farewell market, we are also bringing the season's best - all of the different specials we have had throughout:

Kristin is out of town enjoying some quality time with her family, therefore I will be running the booth myself. I don't always get to personally meet everyone who comes by weekly so I am pretty excited for this opportunity. The weather is supposed to be a scorcher and I'm nervous of how that might affect the day. If attendance at the market is drastically cut due to the high temperatures, we may offer delivery for bulk purchases. Feel free to shoot me an email if this is something you might be interested in getting notification about.