C&C at Abreo and Other News

Leaves are starting to turn, kids have gone back to school, and apple orchards are opening up...I just love the fall season that is upon us. I can't believe it's been over a month since I have sent out the last update and since we've seen you all at the City Market. It was a good break that allowed us to regroup after the summer season and now we are back in full swing with ovens running hot. 

After getting some inquiries about where our breads can be purchased direct outside of the market, I thought I should share that we are currently working on a retail partnership with a local shop. Our kitchen requires some expansion to meet such production capacity, so I look forward to the day that the work is completed and we can announce the good news.

In the meantime, we have begun baking breads for local restaurants. It's been so exciting to see the community embrace our love for artisan loaves and local chefs incorporating Crust & Crumbles breads into their delicious creations. For August 15th, now known as #RockfordDay, we had the pleasure of partnering up with our friends at the Prairie Street Brewing Co. to produce dark rye caraway seeded breads made with their Nut Brown Ale for a pretty amazing Reuben sandwich made with all local ingredients. Look for other collaborative specials on their menu later this fall!

Also at the beginning of this week, what we like to call "Crust(ini) & Crumbles" was kicked off at Abreo downtown. Every week different "baker's choice" loaves will be baked for Abreo and chef Paul Sletten along with his talented team will inject their own dose of awesome in and turn them into seasonal crust(ini)s to be featured on the menu. I hope you will head over there to try them out!

You might also spot Crust & Crumbles loaves all the way in Freeport! We have begun working with The Wagner House to pair some amazing wines, meats, and cheeses with our breads. This place is quite a gem and they are doing some really cool stuff over there. I encourage you to check them out now and keep posted for news of The Great Debate wine bar coming later this year.

Other partnerships are in the works and we can't wait to tell you about them! If you are on Instagram, I'd love to connect with you - look up @crustcrumbles as this is where I tend to share all the bakery happenings in real time.

By the way, Rockford City Market wants your feedback - please take a few minutes to fill out the Annual Patron Survey. Each comment and suggestion is taken into account when planning for the market next year so I know all the vendors and planners would truly appreciate your feedback!