Goodbye, O C T O B E R ☔

Tonight we will begin our prep work for the last market day of 2017...time flies when you're having fun and I've gotta say I'm feeling a little caught off guard that November is already here. We will be at both the North End City Market and the Downtown Beloit Farmer's Market this coming Saturday morning. So whether you are in town or decide to take a little drive, I invite you to come visit and close out the season with us. There will be a Halloween costume parade and party in Beloit, so we will have some treats at our booth for the kids. We are also planning for something fun at our North End booth as well.


We have been enjoying baking for our CSB members and truly appreciate all the feedback we have been getting through the last month. Past Wednesday was the distribution of our first experimental loaf - a mushroom sourdough bread encrusted in sesame seeds with shiitakes and porcinis inside [pictured above]. Our membership is growing and we are excited to be welcoming new breadheads here in a couple of weeks as well as to the Winter/Spring rotation. If you'd like to join in, the deadline to sign up for NOV shares is Friday, November 4th on our website.


Two weeks ago we started up the #ToastTuesday collaboration with our friends at Octane downtown. It's an all day feature on the menu every Tuesday and so far they've come up with some awesome flavors to pair our bread with. I sneaked in there for lunch this week and had roasted apples & pears topped with brie cheese, Eickman's bacon, and cherry compote on the Country White. If you haven't had a chance, I hope you will stop by one of these days and check it out. 

Anyway, I'd like to finish this post by saying thank you so much for your support and patronage throughout the 2017 market season. It means the world to all of us here at C&C and we wouldn't be able to do what we love without you.