🙌 Thank You! 🙌

This past Saturday morning, we were frantically setting out all the pastries on display and getting ready to start service for our Pastry Pop Up event. We had just finished up unloading the truck that brought over the half dozen racks filled with bread and croissants minutes before and we were anxiously awaiting to see how the day would go.

When the last of our team members were finished carrying in gallons of coffee and boxes of all the odds and ends we'd need for the day, they said to me..."Jojo, you really need to look outside." I knew we were cutting it super close so I wasn't able to take in the view in person but I saw from pictures and videos which friends later showed me that there was a crowd lined up around the block waiting for the pop up shop to open. I honestly wanted to cry when I saw this video (above) and wanted to share it with you.....if you click on the picture below, you can also see all the other photos from the event.

{Image & video credits: @OurCityOurStory @PabloKorona}

{Image & video credits: @OurCityOurStory @PabloKorona}

Last week our entire team worked incredibly hard around the clock to make over a thousand pastries and a hundred loaves of bread for this one day...this was definitely the biggest bake we'd ever undertaken! True to our roots as an artisan bakery, we rolled out every single bread and croissant dough by hand. Every single pastry cream, jam, and filling was prepared from scratch with the best ingredients we could source because our priority was in providing the tastiest treats possible for you. Seeing you all come out to support us and our work meant the world....it made every moment of our time and effort more than worth it. Towards the end of the day, we did not have a single baked item left behind....all we had was endless gratitude.

I want to sincerely thank every single person who came to this event and all our past Pop Ups as well! We love baking for you and we are so thankful to be a part of such a tremendous community.