If you didn't know already, we are madly in love with artisan bread. And we want to share this experience with as many people as possible. We are so excited to introduce to you, Blind Date with a Baker - our version of a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) program. Originally inspired by the community supported agriculture model, CSB's have played an important role in bringing artisan bakers and their communities together to connect over the common love of real bread and to support the continuation of this old world craft. 

The focus of our CSB program is to share with you our experimental breads that are not available elsewhere, alongside all the market classics. We want the breadshare members to be the first ones to try out the exciting new products and adventurous flavors we are working on. Our hope is that each time you open your share package, you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Won't you join us for a Blind Date with a Baker - because how can you fall in love, if you don't take a chance?