Breads and Bear Hugs!

Last Friday was our first day back at the Rockford City Market and - let me tell ya - the love, support, and welcome we received from all our customers, old and new, as well as our fellow vendors felt like a big, warm embrace! When we sold out in three hours, I just felt like I was going to cry because the feeling of community and camaraderie within those two little city blocks makes every single moment of our hard work worth it. The weather was gorgeous, the smells were fantastic, the energy was exciting and it was a perfect opening day overall...

This week we will be bringing back our Baker & Brewer bread made with spent grains from the Prairie Street Brewing Co. We ran out before everyone got a chance to take a loaf home, so I'll make sure we bring enough this time. Also on the menu is one of my favorites - the Olive & Three Cheese Semolina bread.

I just love working with durum wheat because it produces a melt-in-your-mouth crumb with a light golden hue. We use castelvetrano olives that are supremely buttery and mild. If you don't like olives (like I didn't), these bright green dolce jewels will turn you into a convert. To complement them, we add in goat cheese for flavor, a little mozzarella for creaminess, and a bit of fresh asiago for tang.

I should also mention that we sneaked in a little interview time with the folks from RACVB last week. Admittedly, it took a few takes since Kristin and I are both a little camera-shy, but I think we nailed it in the end. Take a look!